NRA Basic Firearm Training Course Report Form

The NRA Training Department has recently posted a new website that contains a new on-line course report form.

To report your classes, please use the new form here.

The data entered on this form will still be emailed to NRA Headquarters (and copies forwarded to all the instructors listed) but NRA Headquarters will not be entering the data into their database.

Chief Instructors should submit this form within 10 days of completion to the NRA Training Department. Please provide all information requested. This data will allow the NRA to monitor training as it occurs.

(Please provide this information for students who completed the course.)

Was an NRA course completion certificate awarded:

Course Type:

Basic Rifle
Basic Pistol
Basic Shotgun
FIRST Steps Rifle
FIRST Steps Pistol
FIRST Steps Shotgun
Muzzleloading Rifle
Muzzleloading Pistol
Muzzleloading Shotgun
Personal Protection In The Home
Personal Protection Outside The Home
Home Firearm Safety
Other (please specify)

Course Date:
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Instructors who assisted with the course

Please list the name, instructor number and email (optional) of any NRA certified instructor(s) who assisted with the course.

NameInstructor NumberEmail Address

Student Roster

(Note: Please indicate "no info" for nonmembers who do not wish to receive NRA membership information.)

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By clicking submit, you are sending the report data to which will forward this information to the NRA Training Department. This is not an official NRA website. A copy of what is submitted will also be emailed to the email address you entered above.